New M3 just arrived but no Lights and no boot... faulty?

Hi, I just got delivered the Banana PI M3. Loaded the new Ubuntu Image on a Micro SD and powered using the micro USB connector. Unfortunately I cannot see any life on the boards… no LED lighting up, and nothing on HDMI. The PSU I use works ok for other boards (PI model B and Tinker) Any advice? Thanks Francesco

Hi you must take the connection with the hollow plug, the OTG is not suitable

I got a new PSU 2.25 Amps 5 V with the correct connector. I have a 32 GB micro SD, and flashed the ubuntu image following the instructions here:

Powering up the board initially all the three LEDs light up then blue goes off , red stay on and green flashes, like a heartbeat, but I get no HDMI video signal. Do I miss something? Thanks

have you the right img. downloaded


If you have a DVI-HDMI adapter have problems, if not exchange the HDMI cable

Thanks for the info. I indeed have a DVI monitor with an HDMI adapter. I tested with an HDMI monitor and the board now boot ok. Thanks Wolfgang

Sorry i’m new and I have the Same problems.What ist the Hollow plug? IS the the conector at the opposite side of USB and LAN? What is in the middle? positiv or negative?


thanks great box.

I Found the problem, which I have since 2 weeks. I found that I can’t use the OTB port not for energy connection. At a german article I found, that I must use “+” in the middle and so I switched my 5V Powersuply and it work.

great. now I can try and try.