New Board for VoIP applications

I Currently use Thin Client Computers to build asterisk based linux boxes that act as a ham radio repeater controller.

Does any one have a idea on what it would cost to bring a board to market similar to but with say 1ghz CPU and 1gig of ram or even just a ram slot.


BPI-M1,R1, have asterisk image support .

we also do a new board ,have pcie interface ,so , it is easy to do a voip ipppbx. with fxs/fxo or E1 card.

The FXS/FXO is not important for the device when used as a repeater controller.

The Digium Interface is. In order to be used as a repeater controller a CM119 chip must be interfaced to the machine.

The Digium Interface allows me to make a daughter board that contains the CM119 and interface to the machine bus and a external interface.

Currently I use a thin client and a sound card board that i modify like this…

Here is another device that uses Geode CPU but with PCI card for the Digium Interface…


i see ,:). we also have product as this .:slight_smile:

What product? Do you have a link?

we design a new board for asterisk ippbx .

it is arm chip , run open source asterisk os on it , with pcie port , so , it is easy to do any type voip ippbx.:slight_smile:

x86 is better for this application.

Application is Radio over IP. It links Amature Radio Repeaters together with Asterisk.

I like the box you linked.

Can it be mounted in a 19" Rack?

How much does it sell for?

yes, we can custom-made for you ,include box ,board ,and fxs/fxo module ,and E1 module. :slight_smile:

No need for fxs/fxo or T1/E1.

It must have a CM119 chip to communicate to Radio Repeater.

I will work with you to build it and you can sell it to all ham radio operators…

CM119 interface drawing… URIx Schematic.pdf (73.5 KB) This drawing is USB but i want to make it on a PIN header… if device is on a header 1 box will run 4 Radio Repeaters

Ok ,i will let my R&D to check your idea.

what is the interface the modular card slides into?

how much is the SinoV-AP1000?

please send mail to [email protected]. she will support you.

I think it’s no problem to build CM119 within BananaPi or our other platform products in hardware side, from software side, need to port the driver to Linux if it’s not ready.

no software work needed, we are already using linux to run every thing.

is [email protected] sales or is she R&D?

so it is easy to do the hardware, and judy is our sales .

Will do nothing on x86 platform Linux, but with embedded Linux system on Arm platform, maybe should re-build the image.