Need suggestion box forum

Has anyone read “about the news category” post? hmm.

I wanted to make a general post, bit it seems like everything is sectioned off “for this board and for that board”, so I will stick it here.

I was notified about the availability of a competing board’s user manual, and after taking a look, I thought it was a shining example of what a Flagship SOC company produces.

I thought the Banana folks might need an exampe of a quality user manual should like:

There ya go!

I think it would be nice to have manuals on more advanced tinkering. But writing image and booting? Do you think there is a need for a manual on that?

Not if you don’t want the sort of customers something like that would appeal to.

Most of the folks I know that bought Banana started with the question “Should I buy a Raspberry Pi… I hear Podcasters talking about this Banana Pi, and it sure sounds great with the true Gigabit network and SATA”. Of course, these days, everyone does Gigabit ethernet (except the Pi), and there is little true sata to be had.

If you are trying to sell to the masses, you have to have some appeal. The Original Banana is outdated, and the M2 and M3 are poor values for the money, folks wanting a true high performance octa core board with SMP are running to Odroid (and so is anyone with a lick of sense), so what else is there to do?