Need help BananaPi R2

Hello to all,

nice to meet my potential saviors.

My problem:

  • buying a Banana Pi R2 on AliExpress
  • When I load an OS on a SD card (Ubuntu, PFsense…) and I try to start the Banana nothing happens, only the three LEDs Red, Green and Blue light up without any change or flashing.
  • The OS have been written with ETCHER I don’t know what to do even if I use UART.

Please let me know if anyone has had the same problem as me.

Thank you in advance.

BPI-R2 V1.2

Have you pressed powerbutton long enough? Do you see anything on debug-uart? Without it’s nearly impossible to find error


yes of course

The characters I see on the debug are unreadable

Even if I press the power button for 15 seconds

If you prefer, the LEDs are lit but remain fixed

Then your uart is incompatible (which vendor) or wrong mode (should be 115200 8 8n1).

I am checking the USB cable which is potentially incompatible

I use cp21x2 which works well…profilic is known to be buggy

I do not know this model

nothing to do the characters appear illogically. As if they are not correctly translated

Look this mixtures

I have put in this link two pictures that show what I have by the UART Debug port.

Without pressing the power button

Yes this looks like scrambled output of profilic usb2uart,but i have seen this only on powered device

Make sure you have connected gnd and tx to rx twice. Else try another usb2serial chipset

I am going to use this model, is it good?

I have one looking similar and it works good.

Lokal buy is much more expensive but with order in cn (ebay) you need to wait multiple weeks :frowning:

Finally it works under debian. Thanks again for your help. Now I want to be able to put PFSense (freebsd) on it and I haven’t seen anyone on the forum doing the installation would you have any idea of the right file to configure?


Afair freebsd is not available as it does not use linux kernel.

I thought that like all other distributions Freebsd had a Linux kernel. Excuse me for my lack of knowledge but I’m trying to understand the way things work.

Openwtr is not Freebsd?