My mac-adress : a new every time for eth1


It’s my first post here. I have not find where I can say who I am. You can see that’s I don’t speak english very good. But, I try…

I use mat-ubuntu 16.04 with the kernel 4.4.70-BPI-R2-Kernel. Every time that I boot my BPI-R2, eth1 has a news mac-adress ! Why ? I have do it in /etc/network/interfaces :auto eth1 iface eth1 inet dhcp pre-up ifconfig eth1 hw ether 0A:0B:AA:89:68:34

network-chip of Bpi-r2 imho has no BIA

you can refer to this to set it:

OK ! It’s a bug of the kernel.


No it’s no kernel-bug…its a missing address in Hardware. BIA = burnt in address