MT7916 2x2 WiFi6 BW160 mPCIe card

This card can make BPI-R:grinning:64/R3 to have AX3000 dualband/AX7800 tri-band support and we can find upstream driver after kernel 5.18. :grinning:

AsiaRF mt7916 module

Mt7916 upstream driver

Anyone have any experience using this card on BPI-R64?

I guess on r64 we will fall into the current limit again like for mt7619. I recently got such card can try if it is recognized on my r64.

For r3 i need adapter for ngff as minipcie slot is usb only

I read here V1.1 was upgraded:

But I guess it is not enough, needs at least 3A. Guess only option for me is to bypass the current limiter. The main 3.3V supply has a current limiting function also.

Is there any chance this card gets fried by the extra 5V that is on the pcie connector?

Anyway it is available on backorder, so I guess it is out of stock.

On the 1.1 schematic i do not find the boosted power adjustment.