Move Ubuntu from SD to eMMC

Hello All!

I have already installed and fine tuned Ubuntu running from MicroSD. Is there a correct way to move it from MIcroSD to internal eMMC?

Yes, that is a good link. But I don’t need to flash a new image. I’d like to clone already used to eMMC.

Mostly you have to write emmc specific bootheaders,partitiontable and maybe bootloader (uboot) +config to emmc first. Then you copy kernel+rootfs from sdcard and only need to adjust fstab to mount mmc-partition(s)

The good question - how to do this? I’m not so able user of Linux that can do it from scratch :slight_smile:

This is different from board to board, you can take a look onto emmc-imge and write it to your emmc and then clean rootfs and replace it with yours from sdcard (backup kernel modules first to restore later)

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with armbian, you always flash image from SD to eMMC.

With ARMBian it is easier due to the provided script. But there is no one for normal Ubuntu :frowning:

if you used the emmc img on the SD and didnt change the size you can make an img from the SD and then copy it to the emmc.

The only hard part is that the img need to have the emmc size. If you didn resize the SD partition you need to do the img up to the end of the ROOT partition.

Why on earth you would want to use Ubuntu?? Armbian is classes better and better compatible with Ubuntu then “Ubuntu”.

It sounds strange, but I testes raspbian at the first place. It didn’t work properly. It freezed and had problems with video (the purpose of the device to show Grafana dashboard permanently). Then I tested Ubuntu and it worked brilliantly.

What I’d like to check:

  1. Check which img with ubuntu I already flashed.
  2. Try to make img from MicroSD.
  3. Try to flash the img to eMMC from MicroSD.

I’m not near to the device so have to wait.

If you haven’t download Ubuntu from, then Ubuntu also does not exists. It seems you will need to invest into research a little more then 10 minutes.

Ubuntu has been downloaded from Banana’s site as an img with pi/bananapi user integrated.

I don’t know how but I’ve manage to merge settings from MicroSD installation to eMMC installation. Later I did full MicroSD and eMMC disk copies with dd for further cloning.