Most Stable OS Choices

The OS options for the BPI-R2 are a little confusing. There are a lot of project forks and disclaimers about unsupported hardware.

What are the best choices for stability and full support of the hardware?

Hardware-support depends on kernel. Actually 4.14 supports the most,but hwnat/hwqos is reported as unstable.

All other features are supported on 4.19+

OS itself depends on your needs…many people want to run openwrt as it is designed as router-os. If you want most flexibility you can try my debian/ubuntu (kernel can be replaced)

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Thank you for the reply Frank. A follow up question: Is your kernel repository just to simplify configuration for the BPI, or are there also patches?

There are also additional patches (see feature branches) for hdmi,poweroff,internal wifi,phylink,…