MIPI DSI Interface on BPI-R2

Hello, I represent Resin.io, and we’re evaluating the BPI-R2 as for a product we are building. We’re planning to order a few thousand devices, but we were counting on using the MIPI DSI interface present on the board to connect a display

I’ve bought the BPI 7" LCD module mentioned in the documents, but apparently that doesn’t work on the latest Ubuntu release.

So I have two questions:

  • Is there any way to make it work?
  • Is there a timeline for when this will be supported on the R2?

BPI-R2 support LCD driver on android system, which system do you use? @tzikis

as far as i know there is no official android-image…android on a router-board is also not the right OS (there are no apps currently used on routers). is there a driver for linux (ubuntu,debian,etc)?

@Jackzeng we’re using ubuntu currently, and we’ll have a yocto-based linux distribution in the final product. is there a timeline for MIPI DSI support for the ubuntu image?

where type of panel for bpi-2 do you use ? I’m so curious whether there is ready upstream driver able support the panel.

I can’t find the link right now, it was somewhere in the docs.

But you can check out these two:


We don’t have detailed plan for MIPI interface, if the MIPI interface is mandatory for your project, I think it’s worth supporting it in the future.

Hi @garywang, thanks for the reply. It is mandatory because we need to use a 7" MIPI DSI touchscreen, the HDMI touchscreens cost 3-4 times as much.

And we can’t get the HDMI display to output to any other resolution besides 1920x1080, xrandr always returns an error, whereas our display needs to run at 1024x768

We have to make a final decision on the board we’re going to use within the week, and the production will start on early March, so this will need to be done by February. Would that be a possible scenario? If you know MIPI DSI will not be ready by then, it would be nice to know to move on.

Thank you, Vasilis