Mendel OS on BPI R64


I am trying to load Mendel OS using information from

I have not made any specific changes in the xml files using the default one. I have just replaced the linux source with the Banana Pi linux and uboot with Banana Pi uboot source

I have managed to generate a build for SD card on a ubuntu 18.04 LTS host using the command

m docker-sdcard

its generates 2 image files rootfs_arm64.raw.img and boot_arm64.img.

In order to load these images I first loaded a BPI R64 image kernel version 4.19. this created 2 partitions(BOOT and ROOT) on the SD card. After that using bpi-copy I loaded boot_arm64.img in BOOT partition and rootfs_arm64.img in ROOT partition.

Then I loaded the SD card on R64 and powered it on. Boot up failed as follows

F0: 102B 0000
F5: 0000 0000
V0: 0000 0000 [0001]
00: 0000 0000
BP: 0000 0041 [0000]
G0: 0190 0000
T0: 0000 03B9 [000F]
Jump to BL

UNIVPLL_CON0 = 0xFE000000!!!
mt_pll_init: Set pll frequency for 25M crystal
[PMIC_WRAP]wrap_init pass,the return value=0.
[pmic_init] Preloader Start…
[pmic_init] MT6380 CHIP Code, reg_val = 0, 1:E2 0:E3
[pmic_init] Done…
Chip part number:7622A
MT7622 Version: 1.2.7, (iPA)
mt_pll_post_init: mt_get_cpu_freq = 1350000Khz
mt_pll_post_init: mt_get_mem_freq = 1600000Khz
mt_pll_post_init: mt_get_bus_freq = 1119920Khz
[PLFM] Init I2C: OK(0)

[BLDR] Build Time: 20181123-214255
==== Dump RGU Reg ========
==== Dump RGU Reg End ====
RGU: g_rgu_satus:0
mtk_wdt_mode_config mode value=10, tmp:22000010
WDT does not trigger reboot
WDT NONRST=0x20000000
WDT IRQ_EN=0x340003
RGU mtk_wdt_init:MTK_WDT_DEBUG_CTL(590200F3)
[EMI] MDL number = 2
[EMI] DRAMC calibration start

[EMI] DRAMC calibration end

[EMI]rank0 size: 0x40000000 [MEM] complex R/W mem test pass RAM_CONSOLE wdt status (0x0)=0x0 [mmc_init]: msdc1 start mmc_init_host() in PL… [msdc_init]: msdc1 Host controller intialization start [SD1] Pins mode(1), none(0), down(1), up(2), keep(3) [SD1] Pins mode(2), none(0), down(1), up(2), keep(3) [info][msdc_config_clksrc] input clock is 200000kHz [SD1] Bus Width: 1 [info][msdc_config_clksrc] input clock is 200000kHz [SD1] SET_CLK(260kHz): SCLK(259kHz) MODE(0) DDR(0) DIV(193) DS(0) RS(0) [msdc_init]: msdc1 Host controller intialization done [mmc_init]: msdc1 start mmc_init_card() in PL… [mmc_init_card]: start [SD1] Bus Width: 4 [SD1] Size: 15193 MB, Max.Speed: 25000 kHz, blklen(512), nblks(31116288), ro(0) [mmc_init_mem_card 3140][SD1] Initialized, SD10 before host->cur_bus_clk(259067) [info][msdc_config_clksrc] input clock is 200000kHz [SD1] SET_CLK(25000kHz): SCLK(25000kHz) MODE(0) DDR(0) DIV(2) DS(0) RS(0) host->cur_bus_clk(25000000) [mmc_init_card]: finish successfully [PLFM] Init Boot Device: OK(0) GPT_PLParsing Primary GPT now… [GPT_PL]check header, err(signature 0x00000054594C5242!=0x5452415020494645) [GPT_PL]Success to find valid GPT.

[PART] blksz: 512B [PART] [0x0000000000020000-0x000000000007FFFF] “preloader” (768 blocks) [PART] [0x0000000000080000-0x00000000000BFFFF] “tee1” (512 blocks) [PART] [0x00000000000C0000-0x000000000013FFFF] “lk” (1024 blocks)

Device APC domain init setup:

Domain Setup (0x0) Domain Setup (0x0) Device APC domain after setup: Domain Setup (0x0) Domain Setup (0x0) [get_part] part->nr_sects=768, part->info->name=preloader [get_part] part->nr_sects=512, part->info->name=tee1 [get_part] part->nr_sects=1024, part->info->name=lk [PART] Image with part header [PART] name : U-Boot [PART] addr : 41E00000h mode : -1 ret2 = 1 ret2 = 1

Partition Map for MMC device 1 – Partition Type: DOS

Part Start Sector Num Sectors UUID Type 1 204800 524288 1f9b70ec-01 0c 2 729088 14211072 1f9b70ec-02 83 mmc1 is available

** Unable to use mmc 1:1 for fatinfo ** Boot from eMMC ret2 = 1 ret2 = 1

Unknown partition table

mmc0 is available ** No partition table - mmc 0 ** ** No partition table - mmc 0 **

Error: “uenvcmd” not defined

** No partition table - mmc 0 ** bootm flag=0, states=70f Wrong Image Format for bootm command ERROR: can’t get kernel image! bootm flag=0, states=70f Wrong Image Format for bootm command ERROR: can’t get kernel image! BPI-IoT>

When I check the SD card on a linux host (laptop) there is no boot image. in the BOOT partition (Hence the above error). Also the ROOT partition displays ‘bad message’ or ‘structure need cleaning’ errors.

Can anyone please help me in the build process.