Mellanox connectX-3 via pcie

I want to test connectX-3 in infiniband type. Got src from frankie repo from github, made menuconfig, added support in kernel and compile. Copied new image to SD, but it does not work… Connectied via minipcie -> pcie x16 expander. lspci and lshw showed only pci controller. Modules for connectX-3 modprobed success. Any help?

I tested 2 expander-cables (pcie-only) and they don’t work…don’t know why. Tested with mt7612 which works when directly inserted into pcie-slot,but not with expander-cable

I am interested, expander is other type and working, or other board works with pcie better?

IIRC M4 has M.2 PCIEx port while R2 has miniPCIEx - so expanders are different for sure.

Upd. Beware of this findings:

May be bacause some pins for pcie and usb 3.0…