Mali 450 support by ARM driver

Hello try get Mali 450 chip to working.

Used Frank 4.19-main kernel and downloaded newest (r10) mali driver from:

It compiling ok and module loads but it don’t find mali chip. (.dtsi don’t have correct mali lines yet)

Modinfo gives:

version:        r10p0-00rel0
author:         ARM Ltd.
license:        GPL
srcversion:     8B3E1F80BDFCBBCDB4D0B69
name:           mali
vermagic:       4.19.92-bpi-r2 SMP mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8 
parm:           mali_debug_level:Higher number, more dmesg output (int)
parm:           mali_max_job_runtime:Maximum allowed job runtime in msecs.
Jobs will be killed after this no matter what (int)
parm:           mali_l2_max_reads:Maximum reads for Mali L2 cache (int)
parm:           mali_dedicated_mem_start:Physical start address of dedicated Mali GPU memory. (uint)
parm:           mali_dedicated_mem_size:Size of dedicated Mali GPU memory. (uint)
parm:           mali_shared_mem_size:Size of shared Mali GPU memory. (uint)
parm:           mali_boot_profiling:Start profiling as a part of Mali driver initialization (int)
parm:           mali_max_pp_cores_group_1:Limit the number of PP cores to use from first PP group. (int)
parm:           mali_max_pp_cores_group_2:Limit the number of PP cores to use from second PP group (Mali-450 only). (int)
parm:           mali_mem_swap_out_threshold_value:Threshold value used to limit how much swappable memory cached in Mali driver. (uint)
parm:           mali_max_system_fps:Max system fps the same as display VSYNC. (int)
parm:           mali_desired_fps:A bit lower than max_system_fps which user desired fps (int)

dmesg lines with debug=256

[  219.903669] mali: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[  219.952723] Mali<2>: 
[  219.952733] Inserting Mali v900 device driver. 
[  219.952741] Mali<2>: 
[  219.952744] Compiled: Jan 16 2020, time: 22:15:35.
[  219.952746] Mali<2>: 
[  219.952749] Driver revision: r10p0-00rel0
[  219.952750] Mali<2>: 
[  219.952752] mali_module_init() registering driver
[  219.952961] Mali: 
[  219.952963] Mali device driver loaded

Is there any experince how to get official mali driver to work?

Have you added any mali lines? If yes which? Driver needs a node with matching compatible in probe