M2S Optional PoE

According to the Wiki page for the BPI-M2S - “PoE support RT9600-5V PoE module”. Is there a custom version of the RT9600-5V PoE module for the BPI-M2S? I ask as the module I purchased does not appear to work as the serial port pins interfere with the RT9600 module installation. It appears that it would fit if the pins for the RT9600 module were mounted transformer side of the module instead of the opposite side as they are now.


Sorry, the information on the wiki is not so clear.

RT9600 has two packages, we should use DIP-B.

This is an issue as retailers are not specifying anything other than BPI-9600 POE Module in their sales listings. How and where can I acquire an RT9600-5V-DIP-B? Even your store on AliExpress fails to list the correct module.

Over a month and no response. Is there a source for the proper PoE Module for the M2S?