LTE EC25-E Mini PCIe & antenna?

Does the Quectel LTE EC25-E mini PCIe card can work without “external” antenna?

The official Banana PI BPI R3 metal case is already equipped with eight antennas for WiFi. There is a SIM card slot in the casing, but no other SMA connectors dedicated for the EC25-E card.

I’m not sure. But consider, everything what I was doing with the Router-Board was a own Projekt.

Two additional holes in a metal case may not be the smallest worktime you have to invest:

Yes, you can check the signal strange with openwrt. I would check it with and without case. Signal Strange also depends on the distance to the next radio tower.

But Software setup was/is for me not made within a day (starts by choosing the right modem → with/without sim card). If you do not want your Life more difficult use antennas. You do not even have to do the holes. After you get a connection you can start to reduce.

Hi @Lorem_amicus:

Thanks for your reply! But I think you answered in the wrong thread.

I plan to drill a hole in the metal case of the BPI R3 next to the other SMA connectors. I’ve seen images of some LTE routers with a single antenna. It’s not easy because I don’t know anything. I’m going to order an RF cable Microcoax 1,13mm 0,2m SMA F B/H Au / U.FL, plus an external cellular 4G/5G magnetic SMA male antenna.

After some research on the Web, I think two antennas are best (MIMO).

Yes, I understand you now. Two antennas are right.