LotOS Virtualization Framework

Dear all,

I’d like to present a new solution for embedded systems - LotOS virtualization framework.

LotOS integrates the most popular open-source operating systems like Linux, Android and FreeRTOS to run them on a single chip. Moreover, LotOS doesn’t modify guest operating systems and run them in fully isolated environment. Based on Yocto (Open Embedded), this framework provides a way to quickly build ready-to-run flash image for your target.

We provide a fully-functional evaluation kit for Banana Pi board. This kit includes Linux and FreeRTOS operating systems and various demo scenarios to demonstrate LotOS features. That’s a good chance to play with virtualization using your Banana Pi board :slight_smile:

Please refer to getting started guide: https://github.com/ilbers/meta-lotos/blob/master/doc/getting_started.pdf

I’ll be glad to answer any questions here!