Looking for jack DC-IN

Hi, I have bought an used first production batch banana pi m3, the one with usb mini as power supply connector. I want to change it for a jack connector but i want to make it clean, i prefer to not have to solder wire. So i have search online to find the type of dc jack tha fit perfectly in the m3 pcb, the one used on later production batch, but i wasn’t able to find it. Can someone please can gave me reference id or a link to a seller, like an ali shop ?


Thank you for your quick reply, i don’t even knew this book exist ! And i don’t even knew either that i have to remove a resistor and magnetic bead to make it dc powerered. So thank you very much for this information.

Can you please give me a last information ? The connector model id is not mentionned in the link you provide to me, this might be usefull if you could provide this information because i will be able to buy one, as i sayed in the first post i have looked for it one visually online without success, a reference will be a great help.

No, please have in mind that these guys here simply aren’t able to write (correct) documentation. And they also don’t care when they publish something confusing or misleading or even wrong. They don’t care. It should be obvious.

If you want to replace the DC-IN connector just do it, if you want to bypass the PMIC (not recommended) you need to do the other modifications. Maybe this thread helps finding the right part: What is the part number and manufacturer to replace the micro-USB jack? (no idea, I’ve given up long time ago given that we receive zero help from @sinovoip)

Well , i think i will try first to change the power port to DC IN connector as you suggest and see how the m3 respond. Thank you for the link and more even for the advice.

I may be wrong so check the forum first. I can remember that even with the Jack there were some power problems. i.e. if you connect many things to the USB ports the system would crash. Than SinoVoip changed something on the hardware.

@charles, great link. Always hard to find :slight_smile: