Looking for a SFP module that will work with BPI-R3

Hello everybody I am working with fiber to the building terminated in a SC connector. I have received the official SFP which is a BiDi DDM TX(1310nm)/RX(1550nm) 1.25GB module, but it doesn’t work in the BPI-R3, no matter what I did, it just never responded. So I bought another type of module with the same specifications and tried that one, but also that one didn’t work. I tried both modules in a media converter where both worked.

Therefore I assume there must be some incompatibility between BPI-R3 and the modules. Anyone know of any modules that fit the specifications and are proven to work with BPI-R3? I don’t really have time to debug so I rather just buy a known working module.

You can post related dmesg output and ethtool (with and without -m switch)

Sorry for my late reply, I can report that with the new OpenWRT RC1 my current SFP module works. All good on that front.