Looking for a Case for M3


can i use the the cases for the older bpis also for the M3? Are there the cuts and the dimensions the same?

I dont find any special cases for the m3

Thank you

older BPI case can not use on BPI-M3, for some interface is not same.

this is a BPI-M3 case link:



Nice case and the price seems OK. But $25 to $45 for shipping to Europe make that acrylic dream vanish fast :wink:

Are there construction files available for DIY cutting?

you can ask our agent , they will have in stock soon.

+1 I also look for the drawings of the case


£17.76 shipping for a £3.28 case? scrap that idea


best way to make a cheeeeeeep case is just screw some nut bolt on the holes and it should the have some ground(table) clearance...........