Pi project forks, as competing gen-2 SBCs emerge

[Updated Jan 31, 2015] — SinoVoip is prepping a “Banana Pi M2″ update built with a quad-core Allwinner A31 SoC, while LeMaker has begun shipping a competing A20-based “Banana Pro.”

It appears that the Banana Pi project has forked into two rival groups that are now pushing their own Banana Pi updates: SinoVoip’s “Banana Pi M2,” which is announced but not yet shipping, and LeMaker’s recently released “Banana Pro.”

When the Banana Pi project launched the Banana Pi Raspberry Pi clone earlier this year, the key backer appeared to be However, a fellow Shenzhen company called SinoVoip was also involved, and actually predated LeMaker’s involvement, according to the’s history page.

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