Library for ILI9341 BPI-R64


Is there a library for ILI9341 in BPI R64 with Openwrt? I’m traing to figure out how to control LCD ILI9341 but I couldn’t, can anyone help me?

Seems that mainline linux supports it…

You have to enable CONFIG_TINYDRM_ILI9341 with depencies and your your bus (spi)

Greetings, Thanks Frank for yout reply, I’m really newbie, is there a tutorial to use it? , I just find out CONFIG_TINYDRM_ILI9341 is in make kernel_menuconfig and I know how to enable spidev0.0 I’m tested it with a loopback with spidev_test, but I’m locked in this point, I’m really confused because I didn’t find out information how to use it. Could you guide me ?

Imho you need a dts node below the spi-node you want to use with the compatible and properties for this specific driver

So first you need to find the right spi-node in bananapi r64 dts

and put something like this into it:,ili9341.txt

And of course add the driver above