Lakka TV support for banana pi

Lakka TV support for banana pi

The newly supported boards are:

Banana Pi M2+ with H3 chip Banana Pi M3 with A83T chip

for BPI-M1 and BPI-M1+ use A20 chip design ,also can find some support for A20.

As you can see, H3 is used in a lot of boards. Each of them have different specs. Some of them are available at a very cheap price.

The original OpenELEC and LibreELEC port has been done by @jernejsk and we backported it to Lakka.

The images can be downloaded from there:

@Ntemis took care of testing the image on some of these boards and Lakka and RetroArch are working well on them.

If you are new to Lakka and want to test one of the images, just adapt the installation instruction that you can find on our website for any other ARM board.

As I don’t own any of these boards myself, I can’t check them for regressions and support them officially for now. But I will as soon as some contributors send me one or two.

We need more owners of any of these boards on our IRC chan to check if all the images are really working well. Remember that this is mainly untested work when you report bugs.

more please visit lakka TV official website: