Is there an updated image for the BPi-R3 Mini


So I have my Banana-Pi BPi-R3 Mini online, but I am unable to update the packages for OpenWRT. I am getting

Collected errors:

Is there an newer image, I am try update so I can install luci-ssl.

Spec of my build

I have flash the emmc with the following images 2023-09-12 BPI-R3 Mini OpenWRT image with MTK vendor driver, Not OpenSource Driver BS bl2_emmc.img

Mainline openwrt (where downloads are done) does not support r3mini and i guess the version (21.02) available from bpi is no more supported in openwrt

Maybe daniel gets an r3mini in next round of samples

Eric and me already prepared dts for it,drivers are mostly already mainline (except the phy driver).

So, there no luci-ssl, I guess for now? Is there a good doc explains how to setup the wireless, ssid via the commandline? I will go look but I figure I would ask you, because I know you done a ton work on the R series.