Is there a working image for R64

This is maybe not the right category, but I did not find better.

I was building a surveillance system with 4G LTE and wan connection to the “headquarter”. In the warehouse there will be several cameras, a NVR and some checked doors, also some lights and locks will be remote controlled. So I needed a 4G LTE router with wan, some LAN and digital IO. I found BPI-R64 and bought one. I have several (open source) routers and I thought that BPI-R64 works in the same way, just plug in, define parameters, but no. I found some images that worked so and so. I established a development environment to be able to build new images, not very successful. So I decided to wait for a working image. Now I have been waiting about a year, but nothing is working as I expected. My latest download is mtk-bpi-r64-SD-OpenWRT-Router-20210501. I flashed it and booted. After a while I get a lot errors e.g.

jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at 0x1a620000: 0x736d instead

I have also learned, that EC25-G hardly will be working in PCIE slot.

My background is in mainframes and in Windows. I also have some experience in embedded system. I have no time to study Linux so much, that I can build my own router.

Some time in last autumn, I think, there was instructions in youtube and also a link to an image, that worked quite well (Luci), but it is not any more there and I managed to lose the image. On the other hand, it did not connect to the provider, Elisa or Telia.

Now I would like to know, will there be in the near future an image, that takes care of basic LTE router functions so that I need only define some parameters. I had to buy for the project a replacement, RUT955, that has about the some features and works fine. If needed I can also program it.

I must admit, that I understood open source wrong. I thought, that it means a system that works, but because I can get the code, I can make it better or more suitable, but that seems not to be the case.

In the marketing material there should be emphasized, that BPI-R64 is only a hardware and the buyer has to provide the program by him/her self.

Bananapi boards are development boards not ready-to-use routers. You have to put some time into it to setup the right system.

Every user wants to do other things…i use debian for my boards as i can configure everything…openwrt/lede is a router-os,but limited in non-router functionality like virtual machines,graphical interface and similar.

I’d recommend to use the image you find on, it will no suffer from JFFS2 errors or other legacy problems as the support for the R64 has been completely reworked in OpenWrt to use modern filesystems more appropriate for eMMC or SD Card use (namely F2FS).

You will have to install LuCI to that manually (OpenWrt snapshots come a bit naked), but it’s easy: Connect WAN port to supply Internet access and then run

opkg install luci

in the console (serial or SSH).

The Quectel EC25 modems are quite well supported in OpenWrt, you have to stick it into the slot which also supports USB connection and has the SIM card wired to it. To detect and configure the modem in OpenWrt, you need to install driver and LuCI protocol wrappers for it:

opkg install kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan luci-proto-qmi

Then you can setup details of the connection (APN, PIN, PAP/CHAP credentials, …) in LuCI.

Let me know if you need further advise, if needed I can also provide a ready-made image for you (I’m using the R64 myself with SierraWireless EM7455 modem hooked to the USB3 port, so it’s quite similar, just a bit faster than the EC25)

Thank you Daniel!

I did not have time to test the image until yesterday, but when I flashed the image, booted and entered APN and PIN, all worked fine, and it is fast, 3x faster than my older LTE router or the newest one (RUT955).

When I have more time, I start studying GPIO and serial communication, then I have a perfect router.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!