Is it possible to run banana pi with piano visualizer?

noob here i got a banana pi zero tryign to run the piano visualizer but it doesnst seem to boot. is there something that i can do to make it work ? it seems to boot on a rpi 3b but not banana pi zero m2


any help is greatly appriiciated

Are you sure you need a full-blown operating system to read MIDI and drive some LEDs? This sounds very expensive and, perhaps, a waste of resources to accomplish what you are referencing here.

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the hardware seems pretty cheap. the work is already done so might as well use it instead of reinventing the wheel. can this image run on the bpi zero ? it doesnt seem to output any video through the mini hdmi, if not waht can be done to makae it work.

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, sure… “Wheels can’t get you to the moon, but rockets can”

I reviewed the repository and it only contains the application code and not a full operating system. What do you mean the pi zero can’t boot? Are you saying you only loaded this repository without loading the OS?

yes but i am not a rocket scientist :slight_smile:

I have the banana pi zero and i would like to run that on it if possible. flashing the image on the banana pi zero wont boot. nothing through the hdmi port and no led light flashing on the panana pi zero board. on a raspbery pi 3b ( which isn’t recomended) it loads up something. i am new to this and first time fillowing instructions.

any advise ?

i guess a better question would be why would this image not run on the banana pi zero ? and how can it be fixed if fixable i have no knowledge in linux or coding at all.

the image in question.

You are saying the OS won’t boot on pi zero. Ok. Then we need to solve this issue first before bringing any applications to run under the OS. What OS are you looking to install? Raspberry OS? Did you check their compatibility matrix to see whether the Banana pi hardware is supported?