Is Banana Pi BPI-R3 fully supported starting from kernel version 6.3?

The linux 6.3 release announced support for Banana R3. What does this mean for end users? Do I still need a custom kernel for my Banana R3 starting from version 6.3 or does it works well with the official kernel?


It is running on 6.2 also pretty well.

Basic support is in 6.3 mainline (afair 6.2 needs dts patches).

Both will miss thermal/pwm as i currently try to get it into mainline

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Like I said in NixOS on BPI-R3, I want to install NixOS on my r3. In NixOS we have a simple way to patch the kernel. Where can I find a patch that fixes these problems? or maybe a set of patches?

Just look what i do in my kernel repo (e.g. 6.3-main branch)