Installing Twister OS on the BPI-M5

Has anyone used the Twister OS for the BPI-M5? I have an old desktop running Windows 7 trying to install this os, but the file extensions might be corrupted from the source of the downloads. Tried extracting the .img with 7zip and using the Raspberry Pi installer. The software from the bpi-wiki responds with burn pause errors or doesn’t register the .aml extension for TwisterOS. Thanks-

Twister OS is just a wallpaper on top of something.

Use this:

It has real development

Thanks you.

I will update as I try different methods. Was liking the option of options with minimal additional installs.

Off the top, can you tell me what the feature comparisons for Windows applications are? I have installed Armbian before, but came across another operation system that “out of the box”, had simple click interfaces to switch operating system themes and ran a few cross platform/other os apps.


Theme switcher is one of the most useless applications you can find and is usually a part of DE. This is all what Twister OS does.

Like Armbian. And any other Linux.