Install Linux on BPI-M2 Pro

The instructions bellow explain how to boot Ubuntu 20.04 Mate from a µSD Card on the BPI-M2 Pro SBC with use of a Windows PC.

  • These instructions can easily be adapted for other Operating Systems
  • The instructions also work with a USB Flash Drive instead of a µSD Card
  • It is important the µSD Card is “clean” (no space allocated) image


  • Class 10 or better µSD Card
  • PC with Microsoft Windows
  • Rufus
  • Ubuntu Mate Desktop 20.04 disk image for BPIM5 & M2 Pro


Writing the µSD Card:

  • Insert a CLEAN µSD Card in an available slot of the Windows PC. Use a USB Card Reader if required
  • Extract the BPI-M5 / M2-Pro zip archive
  • Use Rufus to write the Linux image to µSD Card (answer [Yes] to any questions)
  • Upon completion, close Rufus
  • Use the Safely Remove Hardware option before ejecting the µSD Card

First boot

  • Insert µSD Card into the BPI-M2 Pro SBC SD Slot
  • Power on the SBC

Ubuntu Linux should now boot, even with Android installed


To ensure the µSD Card is clean, use the Diskpart CLEAN Command to remove all data and partitions.

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