Inquiry Regarding USB to UART Converter for openWRT Installation on BPI-R64


I’m attempting to install openWRT on the BPI-R64 using a microSD card. I’ve noticed in many tutorials that a USB to UART converter is required. However, I’m a bit puzzled as to why it’s necessary in my situation. Since I’m using a microSD for the OS and not eMMC, is it still essential to have the converter, or is it possible to flash the OS without it?



You can flash and booting it,but in case the system hangs or you cannot access via ssh (ssh not started,ip config different to your local lan),you have no way to troubleshoot without uart adapter

thanks for your response. Can you please send me a link for the uart adapter compatible with R64?

Ftdi ft232rl…is also compatible with newer boards

Also CP2102 (CP2104) converters works like a charm

On r2 and r64 yes,but not on r3+r4

But if you’d want to use it also to debug a board with a rockchip soc on it, you’d need 1.5Mbps, which the CP2102 cannot reach. The CP2104 can.

I found that the FT232RL works on any board BPI-R64/R3/R4 and also rockchip BPI-M7.

Yes,cp2104 is good too,but hard to get

Thx for confirming rockchip compatibility,have not tried there yet

with a proper (pull-down) resistor (e.g. 2.2k) between TX line of the connected serial adapter and ground you can use any UART Converter.

as outlined here: