Image with Support of MT7530BU Switch


i am relativley new to the banana pi r2. I want to use the BpiR2 as a switch and therefore I need an image which supports the Switch IC. I have tested armbian, but with this image I do not get the expected results. Can anyone give me the name of an image which runs stable and support the mt7530. I am using the BpiR2 for research works but I do not have time to compile everything by myself. So is it possible to have a plug and play solution for this?

Best Dan


The switch support is more a kernel thing than a image one. You can try my debian image, but i have not yet updated kernel. In the next days i plan to update kernel, but for a first test you could try it. I guess armbian has not yet trgmii-patch which is mainlined on 5.8,but needed on 5.4+. My kernel is the most supporting and most up2date (if updating from github)

What kind of research do you want to do?


thanks for response.

I am working with medical devices such as CTs or other devices which produces DICOM files inside a university hospital. In my first version I want to sniff the network traffic with tshark/tcpdump and extract the DICOM files from that over a mirror port (see image)

This works very good with rasperry pi v4 already. But I want to test different micro computers which are cheap. The banana pi r2 seems to have the right hardware. In the second version the Banana Pi R2 should be connected directly to the medical device and act as a switch.

I am not able to write my own network driver and therefore I need a working solution. My expertise is more on data analysis with python. Does your kernel support the switch driver on the banana pi? So far I everything I know is how to download an .img file, write it to sd card and put the sd card into the rasperry pi/banana pi. It would be great if there is a solution which works from the start.

Best Dan

I took a look in the buster image…it uses old 4.19 kernel…i update kernel,uboot and debian itself,test it and upload it again

uploaded here as bpi-r2-buster_5.4.58.img.gz:

just unpack (gunzip) and dd to an sd card. Linux 5.4.58 boots up by default. wan should be dhcp enabled, lan0 is

Afair 5.4 has no port-mirroring functions and i had not tested promiscous mode yet

It looks like it first available in 5.7,which is no lts version