Image Openwrt 23.0 for Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro

Have a good day. Where can I get the image Openwrt 23.0 for Banana Pi R2 Pro, kernel 5.XX?

Thanks in advance.

OpenWrt developers never received hardware samples, so that makes it difficult to add official OpenWrt firmware for this device. It should not be hard to support the R2 Pro in rockchip target in OpenWrt, but some one will have to send patches to add the support for that board there.

Ok.Thank you for your reply. It’s unclear to me which compatible image OpenWrt 23.XX to use with BANANA PI R2 Pro? Drivers for WIFI do not work with the kernel 6.XX, only 5.XX

There is no such image. We never made it. Someone has to create it. Someone with the hardware at hand. I will not buy the hardware with my own money to do that. SinoVoip can send me either the hardware or send patches, or someone else with the hardware at hand can do so.

In any case, dear Dangowrt, thank you for your answer

Linux and uboot changes needed are already upstream,but boot needs some blobs because atf source is not available yet.

You can look in my uboot and linux repo for defconfig and how to build an image. But yes testing needs the hardware in hand.

Uboot (most magic is in

Linux kernel (support till 6.1 afair):

I use fit image here,imho also default in openwrt too,but they generate the its where i have static files.

Atf waiting for upstream:

Maybe someone with openwrt development knowledge can add support for the board :slight_smile:

Or you try yourself…as linux and uboot supports it already you “only” need image building code and use my defconfigs (when not using the default aarch64 one).

Btw. You can ignore the switches with realtek switch…sold version is only with mt7531

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Hm, blobs (esp. without license) are not ok for OpenWrt, that are a legal risk for everyone who uses them. @sinovoip1 @sinovoip Can you release TF-A sources for the R2Pro?

Afair binaries were taken from official rockchip repo

See this license there: rkbin/LICENSE at master · rockchip-linux/rkbin · GitHub

You can use atf source but imho you will need ddr init blob

I do not think sinovoip have complete atf source

The situation with DDR init blob is the same for all boards using anything newer than DDR2 (incl. all the MediaTek-based boards) – thanks to some intellectual property trolls. Obviously everyone can throw those blobs into ghidra and more or less know what’s going on there, but apparently some license agreement with a relevant memory manufacturing consortium forces everyone to use this added “security by obscurity” by providing things only as binaries, though we all know there isn’t any added benefit of that, but only disadvantages.

tl;dr: DDR init blobs are ugly, but required, and if the license allows to unconditionally use, copy or (re-)distribute that blob it’s ok to be inlcuded in OpenWrt as well.

TF-A, however, is nice to be built from source, as it allows for some transparency as well as adding security features without having to rely/trust a binary distribution. Obviously one anyway has to trust lots of binaries which are hardcoded inside the chip itself (BootROM, …), so to me that trust aspect anyway doesn’t make a huge difference, but never the less, the more source the better.

However, coming back to the R2Pro, in order to support the board in OpenWrt, we’d need someone to either

a) send (tested!) patches to openwrt-devel or open a PR on Github.

b) provide the board to openwrt developers willing to do that.

Thank you friends. I tried installing different assemblies. The situation is this: it is impossible to install drivers for PCI-E board (was tested 3 mini PCI WIFI) from the official repository OPENWRT.

I will think towards another LINUX distribution