I can't compile BPI-R3-OPENWRT-V21.02.3 succeed

Dear Sirs, I try to compile BPI-R3-OPENWRT-V21.02.3 with multiple device selection but there is a error occurred to interrupt final firmware generating as following message: staging_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_glibc/image/GPT_SD’: No such file or directory

it seems the required folder not be mount with contents of file system.

please anyone provides a solution to resolve this issue, thanks.

Try new verdion: OpenWrt Firmware Selector

@f11 Shall I change its loader for openwrt-23.05.2 ? my BPI-R3 hardware version is v1.1

Use this : [OpenWrt Wiki] Sinovoip BananaPi BPi R3 V1.0, V1.1. Create sd card with latest stable version , install openwrt and after write on NAND.Follow tutorial…