Howto build 19.07.3 openwrt image for bpi r2

You have already dsa enabled so you don’t need to add these Patches

Thanks for testing, I will try to compile myself.

Meanwhile I found that the following location shows the related patches:;a=tree;f=target/linux/mediatek/patches-5.4

e.g. 0604-net-dsa-mt7530-Add-the-support-of-MT7531-switch.patch

For r2 you don’t need mt7531 patch…only for r64. Dsa driver for r2 is included in mainline 4.14+

This is a bit off-topic:

@frank-w: Your kernel looks also interesting and I do have some questions for build.conf:

my board says BPi-R64-V1.1, so I need to set boardversion=1.1, right?

in general: is boardversion=1.0 for R2 and boardversion=1.1 for R64?

Afair board-version was only used for r64 to choose switch driver (rtl8367 vs mt7531).

Hi frank, do you have a link for the usb-serial adapter pictured here: 3D designed case for R2 ?

(The plywood case)

it’s a cp21x2

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when I build 19.07.6,cannot find any options in bootloaders in ‘make menuconfig’ but snapshot is OK

I do not understand the question…what do you search for? Imho for r2/r64 static uboot.bin is used (no compile from source)

howto edited again: removed unnecessary options in menuconfig, adding hint for luci translations removed patch in script for image generation set correct image name for unzip and transfer to sdcard added hint for umount of volumes on sdcard works with actual snapshot (currently kernel version 5.10.64, OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r17554)