How to use bpi-bootsel command (Freely switching images between BPI-M3 and BPI-M2P)

From now on, just download either M2 or M3, then you can switch to any of them as you wish!

bpi-bootsel v1.0.5 usage: bpi-bootsel bpi-bootsel IMGFILE bpi-bootsel IMGFILE DEVICE

  1. Download BPI-Tools , please run the following command


  1. Set up development environment

    2-1: On X86-PC (Ubunut 12.04)

    sudo echo “foreign-architecture armhf” >> /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch

    2-2 :On X86-PC (Ubunut 14.04)

    sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf

    2-3 :On BananaPI M3/M2Plus do nothing

  2. Install BPI-Tools

sudo dpkg -i bananapi-bpi-tools*.deb

  1. Creat a folder of BPI-Tools

    mkdir BPI-Tools

cd BPI-Tools

  1. Update BPI-Tools

sudo bpi-tools --upgrade

  1. Use bpi-bootsel commnad

    6-1: M3 imgae is switchable to M2_Plus

    sudo bpi-bootsel /usr/lib/u-boot/bananapi/bpi-m2p/BPI_M2P_720P.img.gz

    6-2 : M2_Plus imgae is switchable to M3imgae

    sudo bpi-bootsel /usr/lib/u-boot/bananapi/bpi-m3/BPI_M3_720P.img.gz

Video Demo