How to use 4G module use 14 Pin header on Bananapi-R2

If you use mPCIE interface 4G module to connect R2 by 14 pin header,use these cmds to enable 4G module,after you did these steps,USB0 port will be disable

Do you have anyone explain some number mentioned below as why base is 232 and why GPIO is 34

cd /sys/class/gpio/

echo 266 > export 【# 266(gpio_offset) = 232(base) + 34(GPIO_34)】

cd gpio266/

echo out > direction

echo 1 > value

For the base:

root@bpi-r2# cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/1000b000.pinctrl/gpio-ranges                                                                         
GPIO ranges handled:                                                                                                                 
0: 1000b000.pinctrl GPIOS [232 - 511] PINS [0 - 279] #base=232, first value of GPIOS

Do not know why gpio 34 is used for it…maybe you find something in shematics

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Your information is very useful for me Thank you so much

And do you know why we set highlevel for GPIO_34 ?

No,don’t have it found on quick look in shematics

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This is r64,do we need additional extension card on r64 to get 4g module working?