How to update the source of BPI-M3


I’m trying to update the source code of my BPI-M3 and give it a new boot logo. So i read that i most build the source from here: from a normal pc, but what are the steps?

Can anyone provide me with step by step on what to do? and how to connect the BPI-M3 board to renew the source.

It would be even better with a video to help me and many other, please

Since you most likely never will get an answer from the people responsible for non existing documentation, start to look through this thread: BPI-M3 new image:Ubuntu Mate 15.10 for BPI-M3 (20151203)

Isn’t it funny that they still think everything would be fine even if these questions pop up again and again?

tkaiser thank you very much, now i understand what to do to update the source and change some of it. I should maybe write a step by step documentation on how to do that so others can benefit from it. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

IMO useless since your BPi M3 will end up where almost all others are now: somewhere lying around collecting dust :slight_smile:

Maybe create a sub page in linux-sunxi wiki since this sort of information tends to get outdated pretty soon. And to be honest: We had several threads regarding this shitty state of documentation already with ‘Team BPi’. They should adopt their to be useful. But as usual… they don’t care at all :slight_smile:

maybe other know what we do ,but you not know .or you know we have do something ,But you deliberately pretend don’t know???