How to update bootloader?

Hello! I’m a new owner of Banana Pi W2. I want to start a story with my BPi-W2 and that leaded me to instruction. I connected my BPi computer by RS232-to-TTL converter to RS232 like there is in instruction. I powered on the computer and tried to send hardware configuration file, but I’m stuck. I can hold power button for 30 seconds, but there doesn’t appear any ‘d/g/r’ (is it a shortcut or an acronym?), it boots to preloader. Next I send “h” as the instruction says, but there’s only “command not found”. I really don’t know what to do. I found command like mh, but I have no idea if I should use it. On the other hand, preloader throws in process of booting many “eMMC error: Response timeout”. SD card is not inserted.

Thank you for the help, Michał.

Hi Michal, I had a similar problem. It’s easy if you have someone helping you. You have to hold down CTRL-Q on the PC running the RS232 client as you plug the power into the BPI-W2, or while you hold down CTRL-ALT-DEL on the BPI-W2. I was able to do the latter by bringing the two keyboards close together, but it’s tricky. Hope that helps, Ed

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Really thank you for the answer! That helped! :grinning:

There is another way to flash bootloader: using RTK RTK MP_Tool, please refer below link: (it’s easy to operate)

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Where can I find MP_Tool? I have not been able to locate it.

check the link in the page: Google Drive:

Thank you for this link.

Hello I would like to know if there is a procedure to flash openwrt for different board than banana pi W2 ? I’m using a board Zidoo X9S using RTD1295 Realtek CPU. Even if it 's a dedicated forum for banana pi W2, Is there anybody who know the good sequence to flash openwrt using SPI prompt command ?

THX in advance