How to store a blocky program on webduino smart?

Dear all,

I recently purchased 2 webduino smart boards. I developped my first blocky program by I don’t know how to store it on the board so that i start automatically when I plug power ?

Thank you for your help…

Dear Francois,

The concept of Webduino is doing things on web technology. Therefore, we run the IoT programs just like we run the web pages with HTML5/CSS/Javascript. Blockly interface is just an example for beginners to program IoT in an easy way. For those advanced users who can use the JS code generated by Blockly or even programming directly using those IoT web components. And then embed those codes on either front-end web pages or back-end site such as Node.js

Weduino team is preparing a public cloud service to host user programs. Currently there is a trick to save programs on the Blockly user interface. Just at right up corner of the blockly, you can find the “Save and Link to …” icon. Just click it and you will get a link. So can continue to the code at any with the link, the program will be saved on the Webduino server.


Dear Tim,

Thank you for your answer. That means that when a webduino board has finished its boot, it can’t do anything, before a web client connect to it, and start to send it some scripts ?

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So it is just a toy.