How to setup the Banana-Pi BPi-P2 Pro

Hello, I like to share out a blog post on the new Banana-Pi BPi-P2 Pro. This is a guide to explain how to setup the board with the Debian image.

I cover three ways to access the board, I know most will use a UART Cable, but I explain two ways to find the board if you don’t know how to or own a UART cable.

My blog is a living document, so as I figure new things, I will updated. Please forgive the grama, I am America, but I am dyslexic.

At the time of this writing, I am only using SD card. I will add to later how to write to the eMMC.

Here is the link to my blog, I hope this helps

Banana-Pi BPi-P2 Pro Setup – UglyScale Press

Update: I have done a couple of videos for this

Update, check out this short that shows how easy power over ethernet (PoE) works, I had to buy a switch that does PoE. I love that this small board works with PoE. That will make this board useful for tight places, and places where there are no power cords.

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very good , thank you share this

Is there a tutorial for booting from EMMC for P2 Pro ?