How to set resolutions?

I am trying to get a BPI-M2+ to work with the displays that I ave. Is it possible to configure a BPI-M2+ for either 1024x768 or 1366x768? I have gotten close but not exactly these. I know to rebuild script.bin and have tried various settings for screen0_output_type/mode in script.fex. Do I have to compile my own kernel to get either of resolutions?

Some modes are simply not supported by a kernel. If this is the case, they need to be added. For custom / not supported, check this guide:

Note that this is not the most proper way, since one change one resolution entry with other.


what about with 4k ? Isee more and more that the m2+ support 2160p30 ?

but in the link i cant find the mode ?

is maybe this a solution ?


H3 chip support more resolutions but if they are not defined, you can switch to. The link above describes how, next step is to do the kernel hacking / coding to solve this.

No, there are no shortcuts. We have similar ( h3disp ) tool for h3 boards to set resolutions which are available.