How to reset Banana Pi BPI-R3 OpenWRT image?

got that “Banana Pi BPI-R3 OpenWRT image” installed on SD. It worked. but I set something in OpenWRT and I don’t get an IP address. Can I reset the Banana Pi ? the reset button doesn’t work.

thank you for your help…Andreas

Is this the bpi version of openwrt or the mainline version?

How have you accessed the r3 to set options (wonder how you did when not getting an ip address)?

I just burned the image to SD, put it in the BananaPi and started it.

then I played something in openWRT and apparently switched off the dhcp.

now i can’t reach the banana over ip. Pressing and holding the reset button doesn’t work either.

Although I reformat the SD card now and put a new image on it, the Bannana boots with the old settings as if they were written in the eeprom or something.

Which exact image have you written? You do not have debug-uart cable? With this you can connect directly without network stack and reenable dhcp or set fixed address (at least temporary to access web interface again).

There is no eeprom,only nand/nor/emmc. But i guess your settings were written on Sd,but outside of the image so not overwritten by reflash.

In my board version reset button was broken, it is reported as fixed in v1.2 which i do not have yet,so i cannot say if reset really resets the system or only the pcie/m2 slot.


I have the board version: V1.1

The SD card is definitely erased and the image rewritten, so I think the board saves the settings somewhere. Maybe I can put a completely different image on it (not OpenWRT to be on the safe side) to delete the board?

otherwise what kind of cable do i need, can i get it from amazon prime germany? which software do I need for windows ?

Ok,this Should be image from bpi,maybe try mainline-openwrt.

I’ve got my adapters from ebay…

cp210x,ch340 and some ftdi adapters are reported to work on r3…i have a cp2102 currently connected

in windows you can use putty

Ok, I ordered an adapter, with 3.3V and 5V, I also have putty with that, I’ll try it on Friday when the adapter arrives.

But what do you mean by “mainline-openwrt” ?

OK, the UART cable arrived, it is displayed in the windows device manager (COM3), but I can’t get a connection. I crossed the TX and RX cables, but what do I do with the “bpi-r2-serial.reg” file?

It is a putty profile to have right settings that can be imported to windows registry (maybe com-port needs to be changed afterwards). If you don’t use putty you don’t need it. R2 and r3 have same settings (115200 baud,8n1,no flow control)

The UART is recognized and created in windows, I have taken over the same settings as in Windows in putty, also baud etc. . The Putty profile has taken windows into the registry. but I still don’t get a connection.

Do you speak German? :wink:Screenshot%202022-11-26%20092036