How to play sound from audio jack on banana pi M3?

Hi! I’m a student and I just started messing with my banana pi M3 v1.2 I’d like to play some songs on my speaker connected to the audio jack of the banana, I tried mplayer, mpg123, moc and others, with no results. I hope that there is someone more experienced that could help me, thanks in advance.

Here you find the official answer from ‘Team BPi’:

I know you don’t like that much the bpi community, and I also know you won’t give me an answer, even if you know it. But if you could help a person who has no blame but to have bought a banana pi you would make this community better.

There is no ‘bpi community’ here! There existed one over at LeMaker a year ago but here happens nothing since the vendor does not care! Only a few customers left that get no answer from the manufacturer even if they ask multiple times. Nearly all people already have resigned and went away. Just look through the forums.

There exists one larger linux-sunxi community and here you can read what they think about the whole mess (trying to sell every incompatible hardware again and again under the name ‘Banana Pi’:

And no, I don’t know the answer simply because the whole thing might be either OS image specific or it’s just another hardware flaw the M3 can be blamed for. I tried Audio back in Dec and heard a crackling when inserting headphones. And already gave up.

Think about: Why does @sinovoip never answer when these questions occur? Why does the manufacturer does not help customers? Maybe since Audio is not working at all since they routed it wrong? Who should know if not the manufacturer. Why do you ask the community for help instead of kicking the vendor’s ass? They sold you hardware that’s not working as expected!

You should start to understand that you bought a product that receives zero support. Think about before buying again.

yes, you say lemaker is banana pi founder ,and also orange pi do the banana pi at first. we can not do nothing. but we still here ,and try to do something. we like this : The tide turned back, and I know who in what is swimming :smile:

“do something is better than say something”. “do something is hard,but say anything is easy”

we build new BPI-M3 linux image now, and Like 1080p, BT, audio, camera function all is OK . but maybe have other issue. you sure will be disappointed again :slight_smile:

we just want you know ,we work hard . please give us some time . all user questin ,we all try to fixed ,


Always the same excuse again and again with no functinal images dont lie to ppl and just say that u have no fonctioning image and tell then to devellop thier own softwrae before buy ur hardware

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Maybe its because I’m foolish but I still trust you, and I perfectly understand you don’t have as many resources as rpi develop team. I hope one day you will invest more time and money on software, because if you do, the banana pi could really became a overall better alternative of rpi.

you have to fiddle with alsamixer. play a mp3 loop and tweak the settings, it is a trial and error thing…

I think I found a config. Firstly I downloaded the QasMixer (sudo apt-get install qasmixer) for configure easily the alsamixer. It’s quite strange that the main volume (pulseaudio with snddaudio) must be maximum 12%. VLC volume can be on maximum. In the QasMixer the ‘AIF DAC timeslot 1’ can between 18 - 26%, DAC Vol & Headphone Vol are on maximum and you can see what you must turn on below. Now (I don’t know exactly why I have to start Ardour’s audio settings to connect alsa and after that I have to click on DAC vol. This is weird. But I CAN listen to music (no torsion or click) with this configurations now by jack!!

Try this configure and improve it!

Banana Pi Bpi M3 1.2 Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (0425)

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I use the last Ubuntu image with the following settings and works perfect.

  • Slider of the volume applet can go to 100% without distortion.
  • Onboard microphone is working perfect.


good work U2 Thank you for making this public