How to persient BPI-R64 OpenWRT config

How to persient BPI-R64 OpenWRT config. i have rebooted BPI-R64, i found config not change after reboot.

It depends on writable rootfs which is written to persistent storage

You can try this repo: [R64] Mainline OpenWRT image

does it need self compile openwrt img from source?

hello, do you have another solution. i do not want writeable rootfs.

Then you have to make sure your overlayfs is written back on umount…

what do you mean ? how to make sure overlayfs is written back?

default openwrt uses readonly rootfs and uses a overlay fs (squashfs) to catch write-access (it is a ramfs which get lost after reboot)…this seems not to be written back to storage. so your settings are lost…

i’m not that deep into this so i prefer writable rootfs

If you use initramfs image you cannot save settings because it use only for preview. You need use sysupgrade image, this image can save settings. But for now to receive working sysupgrade image you need compile it yourself from this gide [BPI-R64] loading OpenWRT built files into the board . Or you can use my image from this thread. [BPI-R64] Custom OpenWrt build for Banana Pi R64

where is the below config location in the kernel config?

"Device Drivers"-->"Memory Technology Device (MTD) support"-->"Command line partition table parsing"
"Device Drivers"-->"Memory Technology Device (MTD) support""Self-contained MTD device drivers"-->"MTD using block device"
"Device Drivers"-->"MMC/SD/SDIO card suport"->"MMC block device driver"

After command make menuconfig and set options. You need run command make kernel_menuconfig, after it run you can set kernel options.

can you tell me how to make img file.

After compiling, img file was lie in folder bilding. Compiling run command make.

can you tell me how do, i do not know run what command.

Sorry but I can not help you. May be you should use finished image from link witch I gave above.