How to install openwrt into BPI-R64 EMMC

hello, i can not boot BPI-R64 from eMMC, can you help me ? i did below steps:

  1. write SD card image(2020-04-09-OpenWRT-mtk-bpi-r64-SD.img) into SD card.
  2. insert the written-image SD card into bpi-r64 borad, and power on in
  3. In U-Boot Menu, choose, 'b. System Load flashimage then write to Flash via TFTP to download 2020-04-09-OpenWRT-mtk-bpi-r64-EMMC.img and write it to eMMC
  4. After 2020-04-09-OpenWRT-mtk-bpi-r64-EMMC.img is written to eMMC, enter bootmenu in U-Boot command line to return U-Boot Menu.
  5. In U-Boot Menu, choose’7. System Load Preloader then write to Flash via TFTP to download eMMC preloader and write it to eMMC
  6. After eMMC preloader is written to eMMC, power off bpi-r64 board, remove SD card, and power on it, i got SystemHalt
F0: 102B 0000
F5: 480A 0031
F5: 480A 0031
F3: 4000 0036
F2: 300C 0000
00: 1005 0000
F5: 480A 0031
F5: 480A 0031
F3: 4000 0036
F2: 300C 0000
01: 102A 0001
02: 1005 0000
BP: 0000 00C0 [0001]
T0: 0000 035F [000F]
System halt!

afair there was a bug if system was booted from emmc it cannot rebooted to emmc again…@graphine can you confirm this? I guess this behaviour is caused by preloader which is maybe not called again on reboot.maybe it will be fixed by new bootmode (opensource atf which also adds new preloader)

also scripts for creating images were broken and afaik recently fixed in master (based on shebang-line using sh instead of bash causing echo not supporting -e flag)

Follow below steps and try it again.

i want to install openwrt, not other image.

Yes, it is openwrt image.

problem is resolved, thank you very much, i think this is sd card image problem.

  • Target Images -> Kernel partition size -> set 20MB ; why my menuconfig have no this choice