How to install debian base minimal distro to emmc?

Hello Guys!

I have a banana pi w2 board with the default/preinstalled android+openwrt combo. I would like to change it to debian or ubuntu (I have some important tool for that), but I do not have any idea what to do. I dont need desktop environment the cli is more than enough to me. I would like to use the 2 stata and the gigabit erhernet interface, and if it is possible the emmc would betted than SD.

Is there anybody who can help? Thanks in advance!

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Hello, you definitely need a cable for the debug uart and possibly a USB-c cable for flashing the spi-rom. The best way to do this is to follow this tutorial.

Then boot from sd. Using dd under linux transfer the image to the emmc memory. After that poweroff. Then remove sd-card. reboot. spi-rom first tries to load kernel and dt from sd and then emmc. bootselect -sw stays on 1 in both cases

use debootstrap to create a new minimal debian root on a sata partition.


By changing the uEnv.txt you can also move root to a sata partition. Under kernel 4.9 unfortunately only one Ethernet interface works.

English is unfortunately not my language I hope it is understandable

good luck

Or you can boot from SD card and use bpi-copy

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How to get an image via bpi-get

I don’t know. I just copy downloaded Image to usb drive. and follow this instructions

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What are the advantages of transferring an image to emmc?

Hi Jofri!

Thank you very much! It was really useful. Now I have debian, and it’s working very well. One question: what if i leave the linux fs on the emmc? Will it reduce the lifetime of my board? The 8GB is enough for me, and I think this memory much faster than the HDD.

Regards, Jozsef