How to enter HYP mode on BPI-R2?

I have tried to modify the U-boot but not successful yet. Any other suggestion to enable HYP mode for using KVM on BPI-R2? Thanks a lot!

Hi biga

We didn’t try KVM on ARM processor, so don’t have any suggestion for you. Can you please explain what is HYP mode for ARM?

I don’t mean to be that guy; if you have good reasons for full virtualization by all means go for it. Have you considered LXC (Linux Containers) though? Given the memory constrains on these devices it might make more sense. You can easily pass kernel device nodes, and even physical network interfaces thru to the containers.

Now if you want to run a mixture of Linux and BSD or something that won’t work but you can make just about any mixture of Linux distributions run.

i have run a lxc-container on the r2…currently not fully tested…but working with my kernel 4.14 as it boots up and get net-access

I have tested-ed pretty fully. At least on 4.14 I have 4 containers all working find talking to each other and several of the ethernet devices passed to one of the containers that is doing my routing. All seems to work fine and just like it would on x86

Thank you everyone.

The ARMv7 architecture with virtualization extension calls the privilege level PL2 or HYP mode. Linux with KVM for ARM uses this mode to provide CPU virtualization. The CPU needs to be in HYP mode when Linux is booting so KVM can make use of the extension.

I want to run different OS on different cores. So the CPU must be in HYP mode before OS starts.