How to enable JTAG for BPI-R3


I want to use the JTAG in BPI-R3. According to File:R3 gpio 40.jpg - Banana Pi Wiki, I connect the pin 19,21, 23, 24 and one GRD pin 25 to the JTAG tool. Do I need to connect other pins?Seems these pins are multi-purpose pins.We also need to set some other settings. @sinovoip, would you help? Thanks!


I’ve tested using TRACE32 and confirmed that only SWD is working on BPI-R3, and the normal JTAG does not work at all due to missing the nSRST and nTRST signals.

How do you confirm SWD works? Just get the SWD ID or you can use the trace32 control the CPU(stop/run)? Would you share the configuration commands or script? Thanks a lot.