How to enable HDMI on my own kernel

Hello, how can I enable HDMI if I have my own Linux kernel 4.9.119? Thank you, Michael.

I also have the problem ,did you fix it ?

There are two binaries (that are in the SD card), which sources are not available, most likely because they contain NDA code from Realtek. I don’t have the boards on right now, but I remember it was like bpi-init and bpi-daemon (or some other process that was always executing). You (or someone with a running board and the standard image) can find out my running ‘ps ax’ and looking on the init scripts for the initialization one, but they were on the same path.

I tried compiling kernel with Mali T820 driver code, but that doesn’t work :confused:

Did you use vanilla kernel (mainline without patch)? If using image provided by BPI, you can use HDMI-out but not HDMI-in.

I have used kernel from BPI’s Github. HDMI-OUT doesn’t work

Can you post somewhere your kernel config file?.. The least I can do is compare with mine. Did you find the binaries I’ve mentioned before? One of them “activates” the HDMI output (which without it I can’t even get the framebuffer for console out over HDMI)

make sure you use the right HDMI port for monitor. “HDMI TX” is output which means you need to plug to monitor (the port nearby ethernet port)

Did you find the binaries I’ve mentioned before?