How to correctly increase the overlay and mount an nvme for storage on bpi-r3?

Hello I have been going round in circles with this on and off for months now so before I reattempt this again this evening I thought I’d bite the bullet and ask for help. I want to increase the storage for packets and use the nvme to run docker essentially. I would be grateful if someone could give me the right way to achieve this or tell me how they would go about it before I drive myself insane again tonight :crazy_face:

Why do you want to enlarge overlay instead of mounting the nvme partition(s) directly?

See it was a good job I asked :grin:. I have got things all turned around trying different things. How would you implement this setup, if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m not sure how this is done in openwrt but in debian/ubuntu you can add an entry to fstab to mount it on boot

Well in all my messing about the only way I have been able to increase the space for packages is to mount a partition as overlay. All I could find when searching around was creating an extroot to increase the size of the overlay.

To increase the overlay size change the CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_PARTSIZE as shown in Cannot resize my root partition on BPI R3, build and then sysupgrade.

Does seem silly to be set so small by default when eMMC is 8G.

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Thank you. Now I have to learn how to use the build tools 🤦😁

I’m probably missing something here but for this to work would I not have to install the img from SD to nand and from nand to emmc? How would that work with the tiny space the nand has?

Nand/nor have no image…you can boot to it (specific bp2/uboot-fip) and maybe you have there a linux-kernel (maybe with initrd).

The way is to boot nand/nor and flash image from e.g. usb to emmc…either from uboot or from linux initrd.

You cannot copy image from sd to nand/nor and then emmc because at least bootheaders are different.

I was talking about this process Which I followed and has worked! Thank you @Reiver for pointing me in the right direction.