How to : Banana Pi powered by 3.7 V lithium battery

1,Battery interface of BPI series:

2,The red wire of battery connects to the anode on the board, the black wire to the cathode on the board(Note: DCIN pins in the GPIO need 5.0V DC Input)

3,when plugging with lithium battery,the power LED is not on until you press the power-on button for several seconds, and then it boots up.

USB,OTG,DSI,CSI work fine when the board is powered by lithium battery.

4, The battery will be charged when DC power is connected.

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how about Bat-Connector on BPi-R2, which circuit [Pins,Temperature-Sensor supported, which one], which Batteries (also 3.7V, R2 ist 12V-Powered, which maximum capacity [parallel-circuit])

regards Frank

O the Aliexpress: 126090 battery.

Thickness 12mm, size: 60 x 90 mm.

Capacity 8 Ah.

Hey, Welcome to the community. Did you try to connect the battery with R2 ?

Please share if you have any image or screenshot?

I’m using this with r2:

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Hello Frank!

Could you please tell me how long can it take witth the battery? In your opinion, if 2 hdd are attached, would it still enough?

I’m taking it into consideration, maybe a bigger one should I buy (if it exists) with two 12V2A output line. ( one for BPI-R2 and one for connect box modem from provider )

Made a test a year ago…afair i have attaches power again after 5 hours…