How to: banana pi BPI-M3 install BPI-WiringPi

O meu está acontecendo o mesmo

I cannot compile it on Banana PI M3:

/usr/bin/ld: gpio.o: undefined reference to symbol ‘exit@@GLIBC_2.4


Hello, you could install wiringPi by bpi-tools:

Did you figure out how to fix the error?

I get this error.

gpio version: 2.44 Copyright © 2012-2017 Gordon Henderson This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. For details type: gpio -warranty

Unable to determine hardware version. I see: Hardware : Allwinner sun8i Family ,

  • expecting BCM2708, BCM2709 or BCM2835. If this is a genuine Raspberry Pi then please report this to [email protected]. If this is not a Raspberry Pi then you are on your own as wiringPi is designed to support the Raspberry Pi ONLY.